School of Professional Studies

  • Natalie Schell-Busey, Rowan Graduate Class

School of Professional Studies

Welcome to the School of Professional Studies

Quality, rigor, and accessibility matters to Rowan University. The School of Professional Studies (SoPS) creates leaders through robust programs that are aligned with an individual's career goals and industry-specific needs. We increase our students’ knowledge, skills and career edge through internships that provide practical experience and stackable credentials in the form of certificates that provide pathways for professional mobility. Whether you work full-time or part-time, are interested in online or in-person coursework, or are transferring from another institution, the School of Professional Studies is accessible and versatile for the 21st century student.

Get Credit For What You Have Learned

SoPS can help students transfer credit from another institution, maximizing the number of transfer credits toward their career goals.

Get Practical Experience

Internships are integral to our programs, offering students up to six credits for real-world experience. Rowan's Office of Career Advancement is the perfect place to begin your internship search along with developing your resume.

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